About Us

Hi there! I'm Elena, the founder of Sweet Sleep Solutions and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. My dedicated team and I are passionate about helping children and parents achieve better sleep, making every moment of childhood and parenthood enjoyable.

My journey began as a sleep-deprived mother searching for solutions. Finding professional help transformed my life, making my days and nights significantly happier. Motivated by this experience, I became a certified sleep consultant to share this invaluable knowledge with others.

I love my job, and with my team, we are committed to bringing peace and rest to families. Despite the common fear associated with sleep training, we specialize in gentle methods that involve parents actively. Our approach focuses on helping children navigate changes with parental support while enhancing essential sleep skills like self-soothing and eliminating associations.

While we don't offer magic pills, we believe that, with our guidance and your dedication, remarkable results are achievable. Let's work together to improve your child's sleep and allow you to embrace parenthood like never before.

Explore our services and choose what suits you best today. Start enhancing your life now, and we're here to assist you.


 Behind every great company is a true story, and ours is built on experience. We believe in what we do. Come and start your journey with us.