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"Thanks to Elena for her incredible help! Our daughter was waking up every hour during the night. It was insane. With Elena's assistance, we were able to change it, and now she wakes up only 2 times for breastfeeding."

Ella & James, parents of Jane, 5 month old

"We couldn't stop appreciating Elena and her help. We were afraid to use sleep training, but she explained it and showed us that it could be very gentle and not harmful to the kid at all. The best review is our son; we just put him in a crib, and he falls asleep by himself. After all the struggles we faced before, it's a miracle!"

Sarah & Frank, parents of Michael, 16 month old


 "The help from Elena was exceptional. We approached her with issues of night awakenings and short naps. From the very first consultation, we felt in good hands, and her kindness and support during our collaboration only proved it. The consultation was excellent and rich in information, but the main thing is the ongoing support where Elena guides you gently and provides support throughout the sleep training. Her methods are super gentle, and she is very committed to what she does. And we achieved amazing results. Thank you so much from well-rested parents. "

Jessica & Alex, parents to Sofia, 9 month old


"My only regret is that I didn't seek help earlier. Elena not only empowered me with quality knowledge but also provided support during the most challenging moments of our journey. When I was ready to give up, she was always there to motivate me to continue. We achieved the results I wanted, and even if it took more time than planned, Elena was available throughout the entire period. Thank you!"

Emily, mom of Oliver, 15 month old

"I started working with Elena when I could only put my baby to sleep by breastfeeding him for more than 30 minutes. The results of our work: my son can now fall asleep by himself without my help! Did it take time and effort? Yes. Was it worth it? 100% yes."

Maria, mom of Nicolas, 7 month old

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